Transport Canada Requirement: You MUST have a CDN number (See “Who Should Attend?”)

This course meets the requirements of Transport Canada Training Program Standards in Marine First Aid (TP 13008E) as specified in STCW VI/4-1.

This course provides an overview of First Aid and CPR techniques for use in the marine/fishing industry. The course covers the skills necessary to respond to cardiovascular emergencies for all age groups (CPR level C) as well as choking, airway and breathing emergencies, sudden medical conditions and injuries.

16 hour course (2 days)
3 year certification in Marine First Aid & CPR Level C
Includes Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and EpiPen certification
Conducted according to Canadian Red Cross and Transport Canada guidelines

For more details or to make a reservation, call us at 514-631-9466 ext. 223.

Who should attend?

Sailors, deck hands, able seamen, or those pursuing employment in this field.

The CDN is a number issued by Transport Canada Marine Services (TCMS). Training organizations are required to obtain this information. CDN will be a prerequisite for anyone wishing to register for a Basic or Advanced Marine First Aid course.

(Red Cross guideline as of 20/06/2011)

(Red Cross directive as of 2011.06.20)

How do I prepare?

You should dress comfortably (you will be practicing CPR on the floor).
Bring a pen for note taking.

What is taught?

Assessment of the needs of the injured or ill person
Personal safety requirements
Positioning the injured person
The unconscious person
Resuscitation techniques
Control of bleeding
Management of shock
Burns, scars, and injuries caused by electricity
Rescue and transport of the victim
Severe allergies
Review of improvised bandages, confined space rescue, infectious diseases, personal health and hygiene

Materials supplied

Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR Manual, and all materials required for the course.

Course cost:
Marine First Aid with CPR Level C ($150)

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