Comprehensive First Aid and CPR techniques taught in an interactive environment, for those who want more knowledge of CPR and First Aid for the home or workplace. The course covers CPR level A+ or C, as well as helping those who are choking, airway and breathing emergencies, sudden medical conditions and injuries.

16 hour course (2 days)
3 year certification in Workplace First Aid
Includes Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and EpiPen (Allerject) certification
Conducted by Commission de la santé et de la sécurité au travail du Québec recognized instructors

Who should attend?

Any person may attend this course. No prerequisite is required.
Subsides for this course are available to employers, depending on number of employees, number of shifts, previous subsidies used, etc. Call us for more information! 514-631-9466 ext. 223

How do I prepare?

You should dress comfortably (you will be practicing CPR on the floor).
Bring a pen for note taking.

What is taught?

Preparation to respond to emergencies
The Emergency Medical Services system
Breathing and circulation emergencies
Cardiac arrest
Head and spine injuries
Bone, muscle and joint injuries
Wound care
Burns, freezing
Sudden medical emergencies: diabetes, stroke, poisoning, etc.

Materials supplied

CSST First Aid Manual and first aid materials.

Course cost: May be fully subsidized by the CSST — Call us for details at 514-631-9466 ext. 223.

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