AMBULANCE MEDIC started modestly in Beaconsfield in 1978 with a single ambulance. However, the two founders, Roger Doré and Jean-Pierre Gravel, had already been working in the ambulance field for many years.

Thanks to the excellent services provided, the company underwent a rapid growth period. In two years, the fleet grew to 5 ambulances and contracts with hospitals multiplied. Near the end of 1981, the company associated itself with others to form the group Les Ambulances Montréal.

This organization accounted for over 40% of the ambulances of the Montreal Urban Community, and provided service to the vast majority of the hospitals through exclusive contracts.

During this period, Jean-Pierre Gravel was intimately involved in the negotiations concerning the establishment of the Urgences-santé Coordination Center. In 1982, he was elected 1st vice-president of the Corporation des services ambulanciers du Québec and director for the Montreal region.

Following the sale of the ambulances by the members of Les Ambulances Montreal in 1983, MEDIC continued to develop its operation of first aid clinics started in 1980, under the aegis of “LES SERVICES D’URGENCE MEDIC”..

Beginning in 1992, “LES SERVICES D’URGENCE MEDIC” offers as well courses in first aid and cardiac resuscitation, and equipment and first aid material for municipalities, daycares, the CSST and the public in general.

Throughout the existence of “LES SERVICES D’URGENCE MEDIC”, Jean-Pierre Gravel has been continuously involved in the community. He was most notably a School Commissioner from 1980 to 1998 for the Baldwin Cartier School Board, representing the regions of Senneville, Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue, Baie D’Urfe, Kirkland and Beaconsfield.

The wealth of experience and the constant search for excellence are at the foundation of the services we offer.

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